Wedding Entertainment With Bobby Dick & Susie Q

Bobby and Susie feel weddings should be like a great big party, but with an outline from the bride and groom of how their reception should flow. Fortunately, when you book Bobby Dick and Susie Q, you can be confident in your decision in the entertainment and also in your choice of professional, experienced, detail oriented, and organized, yet flexible Masters of Cetermonies.

As part of any wedding, Bobby and Susie invite couples, Maid or Matron of Honor, Best Man... the whole family if they wish, to their home for a meeting, or perhaps via Zoom or FaceTime to discuss things like wedding details, must have songs, "wants" and "not wants" (even if Aunt Tootsie asks?). After the meeting, they send a recap of what was discussed, though they understand changes and updates are a part of the process. As a matter of fact, last minute details or songs can be added up until the night before, and "Hot Spot" willing, at the reception in real time.

"It's what they do." Susie and Bobby take care of the details, requests, and more so the Bride and Groom can relax, have fun on the dance floor, enjoy their day, and... collect envelopes! The same approach applies to parties, making sure everything is just right, as requested, and everyone's having a great time. "One more song! One more song! One more..."

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