Corporate Events With Bobby Dick & Susie Q

Bring Bobby Dick and Susie Q to your party, and they'll bring your party to life with a perfect blend of DJ and "live" entertainment. As two of the most experienced, professional entertainers throughout the Northeast, Bobby and Susie are the perfect alternative to a full band or just a DJ. Call them a "hybrid" if you will, but no matter what you call them, it's who they are and what they're about... enthusiastic, flexible, punctual, talented, approachable, and not to mention... fun!

Bobby and Susie love what they do, and specialize in thinking "outside of the box", looking for different versions of songs, artists, alternate takes, and more. Also, their years of experience have afforded them the ability to read a crowd, adapt, and compliment the event through their "live" music, timeless classics, and fan favorite artists. With Bobby Dick and Susie Q, you can be confident in on time, professional entertainment services, catering to the specific needs of your event. To ease any worries, they provide state of the art sound equipment, back up amps, and a second computer with an identical iTunes library, just in case.

Finally, although we've tried to describe what entertainment with Bobby Dick and Susie Q bring to the table at your event in somewhat tangile ways, Bobby and Susie bring another element that might be considered "intangible"... they care. They care about your party, your guests, your associates, your friends, your family, (your boss?). Whoever, whenever, they want to make sure your guests have the best time of their lives and that no one is left "out of the mix".

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